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Resistance exercise has a lot more to offer than just an increase in size and strength. Increased lean muscle from heavy intense resistance training causes a desirable increase in metabolism and a loss in body fat. In addition, there is also a tremendous weight management benefit to performing high repetitions with light weight for fat loss and muscle tissue maintenance as well.




Did you know?


The body will burn the same amount of calories while walking 1 mile as it will while running 1 mile. And since the faster pace burns more sugar, choosing to walk the distance will result in the greatest number of fat calories used. While the performance of short intense aerobic activity has cardiovascular benefits, aerobics for fat loss should be performed at low intensity over longer periods.




The value of eating more small meals throughout the day, instead of fewer large meals, cannot be overstated. To the body, digestion is considered work, and the more work you make the body do the more energy it expends even during weight loss dieting.


In the case of long-term ingestion of infrequent large meals, for several hours of each day the body is literally doing nothing significant, which causes your metabolism to slow because it is being starved long-term. When calories are introduced, the body, in survival mode, thinks it is starving and will store these calories as fat and not use them for body processes.