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Customer Testimonials

"I don't usually write reviews; however, I feel the need to give a review of my personal trainer, Michael. At first, I was skeptical of working out with a male trainer inside of his home, but Michael put my mind at ease. Michael is very personable, professional and seems to be concerned about my health/well-being. He provides a guide for proper eating habits, daily eating plan and strenuous weight training. I feel comfortable working out with Michael and would definitely recommend his services."

- Lisa W.

"I would recommend reaching out to Michael Williams for your fitness needs. He is very tentative and focused on your personal needs. Michael will push you to your physical limit and is very aware of your physical limitations. The reason I chose a personal trainer was to have someone show me the proper form and to motivate me to get into shape and Michael has done both. Michael works all muscles parts along with cardio all within my session and I can honestly say when our session is over I know I have had a total work out. Thank you Michael."

- Carolyn C.

"Michael Williams is an outstanding personal trainer. I have been working with Michael for 3 months. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and several inches from my waistline. I receive compliments daily on my amazing weight loss journey. Michael is very professional and dedicated to his clients. I highly recommend Michael Williams."

- Wanda D.

"All I'm going to say is when you work with Michael please be prepared to work. I can guarantee you that you will not only get your money's worth but you will be extremely happy with the end result. I am proud to say my New husband was so excited to see me in my dress . Thank you so much Michael."

- Tracy M.

"I've been training with Michael for approx 6 months. Not only have I dropped 3 dress sizes, I've also gained a new sense of confidence. If you are looking for a result oriented trainer, then look no further! He is definitely the one. With that said, "two snaps and a circle!"

- Janet W.

"I recently worked out with Michael and he is definitely the best trainer that I have worked with. He provided me with a wealth of knowledge covering proper nutrition, setting realistic expectations and everything in between. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in a trainer."

- Rick B.

* Reference contact information is available upon request. I recommend you call any one of my clients and get first hand knowledge.

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